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I-DIEM Co-Founder Curtis Brown participating in NEDTalks

NOAA Environmental Data Talks – Speaker Series: Data, Diversity, and Disaster

NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED! If prompted, just download Adobe Connect from Adobe.com. To see each presentation, join the Q&A session via Adobe Connect 15 minutes before the listed time, click below and follow the prompts to enter as a “Guest.”

For DataFest 2020, we’re exploring the interconnectivity of data collection, analysis, and cultural diversity with an expansive lineup of speakers during the fall. Please join us for talks on the interdisciplinary possibilities of NOAA data, which include the topics of environmental law, data sovereignty, epidemiology, and social justice. Overall, this event series will explore how a better understanding of diversity can lead researchers and responders to richer data that can save lives and preserve property during natural disasters.

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