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    Why Use This Form?

    We have all seen inequitable practices whether based on race, income, gender, or access to resources. We have all witnessed lack of diversity and inclusion whether within the workplace or other institutions, especially among executive leadership. Unfortunately, many of us experienced, firsthand, the negative consequences due to lack of diversity, inclusion and equity: however, we have been unable to share our experiences due to a variety of reasons such as fear of job loss or advocating for circumstances beyond our control.

    If you have an experience you would like to share, I-DIEM wants to hear about it! Submit your experience using the Report Form and assist I-DIEM in identifying key trends and themes regarding DEI in emergency management and allied fields. Your input can help provide data-driven results that influence policy and practice to improve disaster outcomes for marginalized populations.


    All respondents and their affiliations will remain anonymous. All reports received will remain confidential. Data on type of incident and report details will be analyzed to help improve advocacy, policy, and DEI approaches based on self-reported experience among EM academicians and practitioners.