Operationalize Equity Within Your Organization



Let our consultants help you increase diversity, inclusion and equity within your organization.


I-DIEM Diversity & Inclusion Seminars

This blended-learning curriculum empowers leaders with the skills they need to build more inclusive workplaces. Seminar timeframes are tailored to the organization and can be 4-hour, one-day, two-day or three-day offerings.


I-DIEM Course Delivery

Diversity24 is I-DIEMs proprietary Foundation Learning Program that enables leaders to develop diversity, practice inclusion and build equity within their organization. We developed tailored online and onsite training courses for your organization.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Speakers

I-DIEM Speakers will engage your audiences in a variety of ways, including keynote speeches, presentations, webinars and panel discussions.

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Cultivate through training programs

Offer training, organizational assessments and certification for emergency management organizations and other professionals interested in increased diversity, inclusion and equity awareness. Provide cultural competency training for local, state, federal and nonprofit deployment teams. Develop comprehensive recruitment, retention, and community engagement strategies to support building and maintaining a diverse 21 st Century workforce.


Data analytics

Partner with academia to leverage disaster research on social to better inform the emergency management enterprise. Provide data to federal, state, and local agencies to encourage consideration of social vulnerability when allocating federal disaster funds.


Equitable Resilience-Building

– Work with community organizations to build their capacity to equitably mitigate risk and improve community resilience before and after natural disasters.

– Equitably leverage federal disaster mitigation and recovery funds through creative adaptation and mitigation projects to build resilience in the most vulnerable communities.


Develop Partnerships

– Increase partnerships to support preparedness outreach with diverse and underserved communities.

– Partner with construction, architectural and other non- traditional professional associations to develop innovative, resilient and sustainable communities in opportunity zones.

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