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The Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) Resilient Opportunity Zones (ROZs) program is an innovative approach for communities to equitably build disaster resilience and build economic vitality in underserved communities. ROZs provides local governments with guidance on how to leverage and integrate multiple federal government incentives to build resilience in response to climate change creating more frequent and impactful disasters. The goals of the ROZ program are:

  1. Support communities, local governments, and business leaders with efforts to Equitably maximize Opportunity Zones incentives to support the Community.
  2. Create sustainable jobs, protect, and grow wealth in marginalized, underserved, and communities of color.
  3. Assist Small, Women, and Minority-owned businesses survive and thrive during disasters.  
  4. Limit disaster impacts to small business to resilience-building opportunities before disaster strikes. 
  5. Leverage and integrate various resilience funding streams to build long-term resilience in communities most at-risk. 

Resilient Opportunity Zones focuses on building communities that can meet the disaster challenges of the 21st Century. I-DIEM provides consulting services in business risk management and emergency management, educational, workshops, and training on leveraging public and private opportunities to build community resilience.



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