Renee Bennyhoff

Program Coordinator

Renee Bennyhoff is a Project Manager with nearly a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations and participating in disaster relief efforts. She has dedicated herself to serving underrepresented communities and individuals, including indigenous peoples, survivors of domestic violence, and individuals with developmental disabilities. Renee attended Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in History with an emphasis on Native American Studies. She has advocated for clean water initiatives through the Native American Rights Fund and has also assisted with the preservation of history and artifacts for the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas. Renee also completed the ROTC leadership training program, where she participated in rescue efforts after natural disasters. In 2011, she received the National Sojourners Award for providing outstanding leadership within her battalion. When heavy rains inundated the northern Houston area in 2012, her ROTC unit was on hand to assist with relief efforts. As someone who has lived in several geographic areas prone to natural disasters, Renee has firsthand experience responding to and assisting with disaster relief efforts. Throughout her career, she has always been driven by her passion to help others. She has applied this passion to her position at I-DIEM, where she currently serves as the organization’s Program Coordinator for the BUILD Program. This initiative, in partnership with Walmart, seeks to provide resources to underserved and indigenous populations in the Gulf Coast area.Chauncia Willis hails from St. Petersburg, Florida and is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans and Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.