1. Cultivate through training programs

Cultivate women and people of color emergency management leaders through training programs.

2. promote integration of social equity

Promote efforts to integrate social equity within emergency management to improve outcomes for communities of color and vulnerable populations.

3. Promote, support & disseminate research

Promote, support, and disseminate research regarding Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management.

4. Increase representation

Increase the number of women and people of color within the emergency management profession.

5. educate and train

Educate and train the emergency management enterprise on diversity, inclusion and equity issues as it relates to women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, various religious beliefs, low-income, disadvantaged communities, and other underrepresented groups within each phase of emergency management.

6. build resilience

Build resilience in communities of color and underserved communities by supporting innovative mitigation and adaptation projects.

7. diversify participation

Diversify participation in the resilience and emergency management economy.

8. highlight best practices

Highlight innovative Diversity and Inclusion best practices enhancing community resilience.