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As an intern, most wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel with an organization in the early days of their internship. I was given the monumental opportunity to capture content for the HERricaneNC program. My perception on the emergency management field changed immensely. Prior to the trip, I was mostly working on marketing for the organization without ever really having any firsthand experience in the field. Simply put, I didn’t really know the depth of Emergency Management. Yes, Emergency Management consist of firefighters, police officers, and paramedics but it also consists of planners, coordinators, and hazard mitigation specialists. Before disasters even strike there are assessments of vulnerable communities and preparedness plans in place. After disasters there is coordination between local, state and federal government which is a part of emergency management that is sometimes overlooked. Through the HERricaneNC trip I was able to speak with Emergency Management Planners, Training Supervisors and Communications Mangers who discussed with me how passionate they were about their positions but also how pivotal they were. I was able to see this fervor translate to enthusiasm in the 25 campers they worked with throughout the week. In a short four days, I was able to see these 25 teenage girls discover an entire field they had no idea existed. Their intensity and curiosity was inspiring. On trips throughout the week with the team I found myself having intensity and curiosity of my own. I found myself wanting to learn more about the field. This trip was a great opportunity to get experience practicing marketing for a hands-on event, but it also provided me the opportunity to look into a field of work that I had initially counted out. I am so grateful to I-DIEM for providing me with the opportunity to experience these moment but also for the opportunity to be at the forefront for equity in Emergency Management.


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