Mia Sanati

Grants/Research Director

Dr. Mia Sanati serves as a Research and Program Analyst for the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM). An avid social science researcher, Sanati maintains over 15 years of experience in political science, psychology, communication and research study design, data collection, and quantitative analysis. Sanati holds strong research interests in Artificial Intelligence and the representation of minorities in media. She received her PhD in Media and Public Affairs from Louisiana State University, Master of Arts in Mass Communication from University of Central Florida, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint John’s University. In her role, Dr. Sanati specializes in quantitative data analysis and support from the Institute’s data-driven research initiatives. She aims to leverage her knowledge, skills, and abilities to expand career pipelines and improve accessibility to emergency management careers from women and racial / ethnic minorities.