Chauncia Willis

Co-Founder & CEO

Curtis Brown


I-DIEM was co-founded by Chauncia Willis and Curtis Brown, emergency management practitioners with many years of experience at all levels of government and the private sector. They have experienced the damaging impacts caused by a lack of diversity and inclusion first-hand, and they have been privy to many of the disproportionately biased policy and funding decisions that have negatively affected underserved communities. I-DIEM was established out of a defined need, validated by scientific research, for professional parity for women and people of color and other marginalized groups in the field of emergency management.

Corporate Leadership

Chauncia Willis

Co-Founder & CEO

Curtis Brown


Ellis Stanley

Chief Transformation Officer

Advisory Board

David J. Kaufman

Sindy Benavides

Ellis M. Stanley

Chairman of the Board

Kay C. Goss

Adam Thiel

Henry Comas

DeeDee Bennett-Gayle

Kellie Bentz

Andrea Davis

Alexander Diaz

James Joseph

Vincent B. Davis

Antoine B. Richards

Chief of Staff

Michael Antoine

Senior Advisor

Tennissia Gaines

Program Coordinator

Past Advisory Board Members

Marcus Coleman

Ruha Devanesan

Our Partners

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