John Little

Business Leader, Entrepreneur, and Consultant

John Little, is a business leader, entrepreneur, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. John is the principal consultant and founder of The Winner’s Edge Coaching, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in Inclusion, Equity, Belonging, and Engagement strategies, leadership development, business structures, and operation management. His expertise in leadership development and executive coaching has earned him national recognition as a sought-after speaker in the field.

With a comprehensive understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, John has led impactful strategies for global enterprises, advising top executives, including CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CHROs, on DEI initiatives. He is known for his exceptional coaching abilities, guiding mid-level and senior leaders to develop essential skills in emotional intelligence, trust-building, communication, and change leadership. As a certified facilitator of DISC, MBTI, and FIRO-B, John provides valuable insights into personality types and relationship dynamics, enhancing his coaching effectiveness.

John’s commitment to leadership development is exemplified by his Cornell University certificate in Diversity and Inclusion for HR Professionals, which further enhances his ability to empower leaders. He is a trusted resource for organisations seeking to create inclusive, belonging, and engaged environments, placing a strong emphasis on core leadership concepts such as empathy, purposeful leadership, and effective communication.

Through his mentorship, John has propelled numerous professionals into executive roles, including Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, and Managing Directors. His strategic thinking capabilities enable leaders to set goals, overcome challenges, and achieve successful outcomes.

Residing in South Florida, John cherishes quality time with his eight-year-old son when he’s not transforming the lives and careers of professionals. His unwavering dedication to driving positive change and his profound impact on the business world has established him as an exceptional speaker and coach.

With his extensive experience, certification, and passion for empowering leaders, John is committed to unlocking the full potential of professionals, propelling them to remarkable success.