The Southeast and Caribbean is a diverse region of people at different levels of readiness for a disaster. Deep and complicated legacies of inequality and injustice along lines of race, gender, and other identities amplify barriers to resilience, recovery, and adaptation. As we concurrently face a national reckoning of systemic racism, a global pandemic reaping disproportionate racial impact, rapidly intensifying hurricanes, and creeping sea level rise, it is a good moment to ask ourselves how we can do better for those hit worst on all counts. This session explores how we can center the needs of at-risk communities into disaster recovery and resilience efforts. What operations, approaches, or culture do we need to tweak? Where have we had success, and how do we replicate it? Where have we failed, and what can we learn? Speakers approach this issue from multiple perspectives – emergency management, community organizing, planning, and adaptation.



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