I-DIEM Africa Establishes Global Outreach Center in Ghana

An eight-member delegation from the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) has called on the Mayor of Accra to discuss the establishment of a global outreach centre in Accra to educate communities and raise awareness about climate change impacts.

The delegation led by Chauncia Willis, Co-Founder and CEO of I-DIEM, comprises Adam Thiel, Chief Fire Officer for the City of Philadelphia in the US, Joel Thomas, Antoine Richards and Maurice L. Johnson.

Speaking during the meeting, Chauncia Willis said the purpose of their visit was to among other things identify projects to partner with in the areas of fire and police services as well as emergency management.

“Our hearts are with the underserved and sourced communities and this is the same work we do in America.”

Chauncia Willis

Co-Founder and CEO

I-DIEM Africa