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It’s official! 📢 Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management is now a global nonprofit! I-DIEM Africa was established in Ghana, West Africa last week.

I-DIEM Africa’s Global Outreach Centre will launch in Accra, Ghana along with the I-DIEM Africa Community Engagement and Resilience Innovation Lab in Cape Coast, Ghana. Both will focus on the development of Community Crafted Resilience Solutions for underserved and under-resourced communities across all of Africa. A huge thanks to the officials, universities, community-based organizations and community stakeholders in Ghana for your support in establishing the Centre.

Sincere appreciation for two of our I-DIEM Global Board members Joel Thomas and Global Chair, 🔥 Adam K. Thiel who traveled with us to support and advise our staff and expansion team, as well. We look forward to welcoming our partners and friends in the U.S and Canada to visit the I-DIEM Africa team in Ghana so that we may learn and share expertise on building resilience and saving lives in the face of climate change, together!


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