I-DIEM is excited to announce the launch of this HERricane Program, sponsored by Farmers Insurance!
First stop, the City of Philadelphia!

HERricane is a national program by the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) that provides women a means to explore a career in Emergency Management (as well as associated ones) while developing leadership skills, ensuring success in whatever path they choose. Women are underrepresented in Emergency Management but make up a disproportionate amount of disaster victims particularly regarding loss of life, sexual violence, and loss of income.

This program exposes young women to the “hidden” career field of emergency management. Throughout this experience, participants will receive hands-on, developmental training in:

   • Response & Incident Management

   • Natural Hazards

   • Communications and Public Speaking

   • Personal Preparedness

   • Diversity & Inclusion

HERricane Philadelphia empowers women to pursue careers and leadership roles in emergency management through a week-long “camp,” and includes professional development opportunities.

   • Vision: HERricane Philadelphia is a “key to success” for women exploring and pursuing careers in emergency management.

   • Mission: To develop and elevate women as leaders in emergency management, while expanding the image of emergency management profession as a positive force for improving public safety and government.

   • Values: The HERricane promotes the following values:

     o Synergy. Recognize the value and importance of uniting a group of diverse individuals into a single, power force. We seek to provide pro-social professional connection and an environment of collegiality.

     o Grit. We believe in the distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain discipline and optimism is a key to success in any career, as well as for any organization.

     o Adventure, Creativity, and Open-Mindedness: We utilize and promote ingenuity in our programming as a means to foster this quality in our membership and organization. Emergency management as a discipline, as well as career, is notoriously complicated, atypical, and non-traditional- requiring resourcefulness, positivity, and inventiveness.

     o Professional Excellence: Excellence is not perfection; rather the confident pursuit of the high quality and persistent integrity. We seek this for our participants as well as for our program.

I-DIEM HERricane Philadelphia Camp

Camp Dates: August 23-27, 2021

Camp Location: 7800 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19150 

Application Process

 The application for HERricane Philadelphia will open on July 9, 2021 and is open to young girls aged 13-17 attending a school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the 2021 calendar year.

Space is limited – there will be 24 spaces available.

 HERricane Letter of Intent to Participate must be signed by student and parent. This must be returned with application to be considered for the camp.

 If selected to participate, applications and registration need to be completed by 8pm EST on Aug. 6th, 2021. If not selected, you will automatically be considered for any future HERricane Philadelphia camps and placed on a waiting list.

Enrollment Application




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