2024 I-DIEM HERricane Program Webinar is coming February 29th!

Provides women a means to explore a career in Emergency Management and affiliated fields.

The 2024 HERricane Season is coming, are you ready?

  • Thank you to our 2023 HERricane Program hosts!
  • Anne Arundel County (MD)
  • New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYC OEM)
  • North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS)
  • Pellissippi State Community College (Knoxville, TN)

Application process

  1. Attend the I-DIEM HERricane webinar on February 29th. Click here to register now.
  2. Schedule a 15-minute consultation with I-DIEM’s HERricane Program Manager to discuss the program. Click here to schedule your consultation.
  3. Complete the application. Click here to access the application.

I-DIEM is now accepting applications for 2024 I-DIEM HERricane Program hosts!

For More Information about the 2024 HERricane Program

pre-qualification letter of intent Hericane

HERricane Program Participation
Letter of Intent

By signing this Letter of Intent, the acknowledges that it plans to host a HERricane Camp and will abide by the requirements set forth in this agreement for implementing the HERricane Program managed by the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM).

HERricane is a national program that provides women a means to explore a career in Emergency Management (as well as associated ones) while developing leadership skills and ensuring success in whatever path they choose. Women are underrepresented in Emergency Management but make up a disproportionate amount of disaster victims particularly regarding loss of life, sexual violence, and loss of income.

The requirements for hosting and implementing a HERricane Program include agreement to follow all Marketing and Branding guidelines outlined in the HERricane Marketing and Branding Guidance Document; recognize this program is solely intended for women and for those who identify as female; agreement to implement recruitment strategies to identify participants from diverse backgrounds, BIPOC communities, and underserved areas of your community; recognize I-DIEM will provide planning resources, recommendations, templates, and other assets for implementing the program, but does not provide funding support for hosting or implementing the program.

In addition, by signing this Letter of Intent will commit to a fair and inclusive approach in implementing this program, will refrain from making any negative public comments about the program or its focus, and will serve as ambassadors in the promotion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion while promoting and implementing the HERricane Program.

(Name of Organization)
(Representative Name/Title)
(I-DIEM HERricane Program Representative)

The Impact

I-DIEM has HOSted HERricane programs in Philadelphia,
New York City and Los Angeles




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I-DIEM HERricane Camp Anne Arundel County

I-DIEM HERricane Camp North Carolina

I-DIEM HERricane Camp New York

I-DIEM HERricane Camp Los Angeles

I-DIEM HERricane Camp Philadelphia

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Welcome to the 2023 I-DIEM HERricane season

Application process

  1. Apply by Deadline
  2. Attend Webinar
  3. Click to  Schedule 15-minute informational session

About the I-DIEM HERricane program