About the I-DIEM HERricane Program

HERricane is a national program by the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) that provides women a means to explore a career in Emergency Management (as well as associated ones) while developing leadership skills, ensuring success in whatever path they choose. Women are underrepresented in Emergency Management but make up a disproportionate amount of disaster victims particularly regarding loss of life, sexual violence, and loss of income.

Disclaimer: HERricane Program is a nationally-recognized program of I-DIEM and implementation of the Program without approval of I-DIEM is inadmissible.

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Program Highlights

This program exposes young women to the “hidden” career field of emergency management. Throughout this experience, participants will receive hands-on, developmental training in:

• Emergency Management

• Communication and Meteorology  

• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

• Public Health

• Women’s Empowerment

• Providing women a means to explore a career in emergency management

Program Checklist

Main Ideas


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Camp Curriculum

Overarching themes at HERricane camps, covering leadership and emergency management.


Underrepresentation, professional awareness, employment opportunities, and women as disaster victims.

Objectives for Students

Students are taught certain skills and consider certain topics, such as networking and career exploration.


What HERricane is, who it looks for, where it happens, when it happens, and why it happens.

Major Programs

Camps, engagement, and support opportunities to continue spreading the message of HERricane.


Price of CPR Certification, food, t-shirt, tote, and printed materials.

Daily Breakout

Daily schedule of events, including free time, hands-on learning, lectures, and more.

Basic Camp Logistics

Logistics that allow HERricane to happen, including cost, enrollment & registration, and facility.

Camp Organizational Structure

Division of camp attendants into certain groups with leaders, and the use of these teams in learning.


To continue spreading the message of HERricane, help is needed in marketing, curriculum development, and the HERricane aftermath program.


The planning that happens before a HERricane camp and what happens each season.


In order to participate in one of the HERricane camps, participants must sign a registration and media waiver.

Welcome Guide

Slideshow to present to camp participants that can be edited to be more specific to your own HERricane camp.

Orientation Presentation

Presentation covering the basics of HERricane and what happens during the camp as well as the importance of it.

Sample Social Media Posts

Ideas and examples showing what to post on social media to bring attention to your HERricane camp and find interested participants.

Letter of Intent

If you are interested in hosting a HERricane program, please select the button below to complete Letter of Intent Form

I-DIEM would like to thank Farmers Insurance for their continued support and success of the program. It is their commitment that ensure that this program is sustainable.

Step 1: Review HERricane Orientation Presentation

Step 3: Access our HERricane Toolkit

Step 2: Submit a Letter of Intent

To develop and elevate women as leaders in emergency management while raising awareness of the emergency management profession, and its many interdisciplinary fields, to advance equity in the profession and for the communities which carry disproportionate burdens of disaster outcomes.


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