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I-DIEM Establishes Global Outreach Center in Ghana

An eight-member delegation from the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM) has called on the Mayor

I-DIEM focused on climate equity

As a global organization focused on climate equity and building community resilience, I-DIEM has pledged to increase our support of other nations by establishing Global Outreach Centers to collaboratively tackle the challenges posed by climate change and ensure a sustainable future for all. I-DIEM supports climate equity, also known as climate justice, which refers to the fair and just distribution of the costs and benefits of addressing climate change and its impacts.

It recognizes that the historical and current contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and vulnerability to climate impacts are unevenly distributed across countries, regions, communities, and social groups. Certain populations and countries are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to factors such as poverty, lack of resources, geographical location, and historical responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, these vulnerable populations and countries have contributed relatively less to the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change compared to more developed and industrialized nations.