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I-DIEM specializes in providing diverse candidates to corporations and organizations who have a commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace. Post an open job position to do your part in hiring the next generation of leaders. We simply ask that you please fill out this point-of-contact form as well as certify your shared commitment to these values in the workplace.

After you submit this information and make your selected purchases, we will review prior to processing your form of payment.

Small, medium and large businesses, government and agencies.

Does your company have an open position it’s looking to fill? Consider posting with I-DIEM to increase your chances of hiring more inclusively.

Partnering Academic Institutions.

This applies to academic institutions that have signed a partnership agreement with I-DIEM to secure a discounted rate for job postings.

Unaffiliated Academic Institutions.

Have you not signed a partnership agreement with I-DIEM but still qualify as an academic institution? Post with us today.