I-DIEM Reports

Why Support Our Work

I-DIEM’s approach leverages diversity, inclusion, and equitable practices to build community resilience and improve disaster outcomes, especially for the most disadvantaged individuals and communities. Our holistic approach recognizes the value of the diverse attributes of each individual and community while understanding that historic and existing inequities creates barriers that limits the ability to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to, and recover from disasters. We use an innovative, data-driven, and an inclusive approach that integrates diversity, inclusion, and equity into each aspect of the emergency management decision-making process. Our in-depth research and years of experience in equitable emergency management practices provides government, non-profit, and private sector leaders with the tools needed to sustainably advance community resilience-building goals with measurable results. We use social vulnerability assessments, focus groups, interviews, and modeling and simulation to equip leaders with timely information to equitably guide every decision. Our approach empowers communities to fully unleash the power of diversity, inclusion, and equity to build resilience and recover stronger after disasters strike.